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Requesting Assistance

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for in this Wiki, users can obtain support from ORC staff in the following ways.

Walk-in Office Hours

The Office of Research Computing hosts walk-in office hours during the fall and spring semesters. No appointment is necessary. Office hours are as follows:

Research Hall - Room 140 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 2:00PM - 3:00 PM

Contacting the ORC

Support may be obtained from ORC staff through the ticketing system. Tickets may be created through either The ORC Support Ticket System or by emailing Note that emails must be sent from addresses using the GMU domain, non-GMU emails will be ignored.

Tickets are directed to the ORC staff and will be answered shortly after being posted. Please refrain from sending email to any of the staff members directly, individual members may be busy and unable to answer in a timely manner.

Information to include in Tickets to orchelp

When submitting a ticket or requesting in-person help, it is useful to provide ORC staff information about the issue. For tickets, include the following (if possible):

  • Job number
  • Whether this related to an OnDemand session
  • If submitted through sbatch, attach your slurm script and include details on
  • Date and Time error occurred
  • Node[s] on which the error occurred
  • What application(s) were used (e.g. Python, R, MATLAB)
  • What modules loaded in your environment (use the ml command at the command line)
  • For OnDemand sessions right click on the Session ID link and copy the URL into the message.

Also please indicate if the error is persistent and reproducible.

All these details are useful in speeding up the troubleshooting of different questions.