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Running SAS on Argo

SAS is a software package for doing statistical analysis and advanced analytics.

Loading SAS

You can check to see what versions of Caffe are available using the following command:

module avail SAS

To load you preferred version, use the module load command. For example:

module load SAS/9.3

Running SAS Interactively

SAS can be run interactively on the head nodes as long as the machine you are running on has an X-Windows Server installed. Most Linux machines have this by default. X-Windows packages are also available on MAC (such as XQuartz) and Windows (such as Xming or Cygwin/X).

To run SAS interactively, you must log into one of the head nodes with X forwarding enable, as follows:

$ ssh

Once you have logged in and loaded the SAS module, you can execute SAS in an interactive mode

$ sas

We discourage you from running any compute intensive tasks on the head nodes, and so you should only use the interactive mode for testing and debugging your code. When it is ready, you can submit it to the Slurm resource manager to run in batch mode.

Setting Up an Example

More to come.

Running the Example

More to come.